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Project Management Templates' collection. These templates contain sample project documents that you can tailor to suit your companies requirements. If you do not already have a standard methodology then these templates can help you set up an Electronic Project Office quickly.

Project Director

Project Director

This Project Management application is designed to complement Microsoft Project in an environment where people have to manage many, varied projects.  It can be tailored to your companies specific requirements and has a built-in expert system and wizards.

What templates are included?

Complexity (0 is simple, 4 is complex)
Document Phase Description
Brainstorming.doc Analysis 2 Information paper on the brainstorming technique to develop solutions to problems.
Decision Tree.doc Analysis 2 Information paper on the decision tree analysis tool.
Force Field.doc Analysis 4 Information paper on the force field technique to analyse the strengths and weaknesses in your plan.
Plus Minus Tool.doc Analysis 3 Document with a technique for analysing ideas called Plus Minus Interesting.
Programme Plan.doc Analysis 1 Document that defines a programme (or initiative) that can contain several projects.
Project Plan.doc Analysis 0 Document that defines a plan for a project.
Risk Assessment Form.doc Analysis 1 Form to complete to describe the risks associated with a project.
Risk Assessment Tool.doc Analysis 1 Information paper on the risk assessment technique to analyse a project.
Risk Strategy.doc Analysis 4 Template risk strategy document showing was to analyse risk.
SWOT Analysis.doc Analysis 4 Information paper on the technique of SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats) to analyse a project.
Budget.xls Budget 1 Template spreadsheet that takes projects costs adds contingency and calculates standard measures like NPV.
Business Case.ppt Budget 3 Template business case presentation.
Estimating.doc Budget 3 Guidelines for estimating projects using Gantt charts and time.
Estimating.mpp Budget 3 Template project schedule to help with estimating.
Project Justification.doc Budget 2 Document and notes showing how to request funds for a project.
Project Coordinator.doc Contract 3 Draft template for the role description of a project coordinator.
Project Manager.doc Contract 3 Draft template for the role description of a project manager.
Risk - Reasons for project failure.doc Contract 3 Commentary on the reasons for project failure.
Risk - THE STANDISH GROUP REPORT.doc Contract 3 Commentary on the reasons for project success and failure.
Risk - why projects fail.doc Contract 2 Commentary on why project fail.
Role Summary.doc Contract 2 Template summary of roles on the project.
Role Template.doc Contract 4 Template role description for all roles on the project.
Supplier Guidelines.doc Contract 3 Template guidelines for contractual dealing with suppliers.
Appointment Policy.doc Develop 2 Template guidelines for appointing people to project roles.
Critical Path Analysis.doc Develop 4 Information paper on how to analyse a project critical path and examine tasks and resources required.
Governance.doc Develop 4 Template guidelines for governing the project or programme.
Role Selection Process.doc Develop 2 Template guidelines for role selection of the project.
Terms of reference - Audit.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the audit role for large projects.
Terms of reference - Business Advisory Group.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Business Advisory Group.
Terms of reference - Executive Mentor.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Executive Mentor.
Terms of reference - Project Manager.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Project Manager.
Terms of reference - Project Owner.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Project Owner.
Terms of reference - Project Sponsor.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Project Sponsor.
Terms of reference - Steering committee.doc Develop 4 Terms of reference for the Steering committee.
Change Control.doc Execution 3 Form to complete for changes requested on projects. These feed into the change control system.
Key Questions.doc Execution 2 Template for completing key questions about how the project will affect different people.
Milestone Acceptance Form.doc Execution 2 Form to complete when significant milestones have been completed.
Minutes ddmmyy.doc Execution 1 Document for meeting minutes with actions and decisions.
Project Issues Register.xls Execution 2 Spreadsheet containing a register of project issues so they can be tracked.
Status ddmmyy.doc Execution 1 Document for a status report on the project containing work done and project progress.
User Testing.doc Execution 2 Form to be completed when testing a system showing areas that pass and fail.
User Testing Summary.doc Execution 2 Document showing a summary of the tests completed and their status.
Project Acceptance Form.doc Finishing 0 Form to be completed when the project has been completed. The project sign-off document.
Project Objectives Review.doc Goal review 1 Document that reviews the project against its goal and objectives in order to gain lessons for other projects.
Project Quality Review.doc Goal review 2 Document that reviews the project against set questions in order to assess the quality of the project.
NOTE: This is an individual license only. Contact us for a quote for multi-user licenses. Unfortunately, this is the only one of our product offerings you cannot 'try-before-you-buy', so please read the brochure carefully. We can also send you an example of a template file. We will send you an install file coded to your email address upon receipt of payment.


Project Director can show the detail or a summary of every project in your company. This is the Project Management application made to easily be modified to individual preferences. It features:


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