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Shredder is simple, easy to use and customise.



Shredder is Freeware.  Yes completely Free to use!

What does it do for me?

Why shred documents? If you delete a document it can easily be recovered. You may not want this to happen for several reasons:

Shredder acts just like an office paper shredder. It completely shreds the contents of the document before deleting it. It also removes file names from the recycle bin. No trace of the document will remain on your computer. For example: TopSecret.doc becomes Shredder42.txt

Why can my documents be recovered?

All the Delete command does is move your document to the recycle bin. Even if you 'Empty Recycle Bin' the documents contents are kept on your hard drive until they are overwritten by another document (which may never happen). Many programs are freely available on the Internet to easily recover those documents.


Shredder is a document shredder that enables you to completely and safely removes files from your computer. It uses much of the same code that our SurfStar product uses for removing unwanted Internet documents - however we are providing Shredder as Freeware (no license fee). It features:


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