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Version 4

Your feedback on our previous version 3 has been invaluable in designing this new version 4.  Many of the improvements we have made center around the interface.



AAAwave is specifically designed to correct the hiss, crackle and pops in waveforms that have been recorded from old media such as records and tapes.

What does it do for me?

Our popular software corrects the hiss, crackle and pops in waves that have been recorded from old media such as vinyl records (LPs) and cassette tapes.

Well you are not alone. The same happened to me. I have over 200 records and tapes that I just cannot find in the shops on CD. I eventually started converting them to ‘wave’ files using a leading CD creator with sound editor. It was very useful for recording (it even had a remove pop and hiss option) but its sound editing features left a lot to be desired. So our development team created AAAwave.



AAAwave is designed specifically to let you clean up your old records and tapes once converted to digital waveform. It features:


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AAAwave will stop working after 7 days. To continue using it you need to buy a license. After buying we will email your license to you once we have confirmation of payment. Please allow 24 hours for this to happen. If you have any questions you can contact our sales department by email



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