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News: May 2017

This is a freeware app that shreds your documents for privacy.

We have been developing 3D products for specialist areas for a while.  Recently we have looked at developing editing software for 3D engines and created Compose3D.


Thank you for visiting the Virtual Worlds site. Our products are easy to use and come with a free trial - we believe in giving you the right to try before you buy.

Project Solutions

We have many years experience in producing innovative solutions to project management. Our main solution is called Project Director and we have a growing number of associated shareware solutions.

Project Director

Designed to complement Microsoft Project in an environment with many varied projects. It can be tailored to your companies specific requirements and has a built-in expert and wizard system.

Project Templates

Project documents that build into a standard project methodology to create an Electronic Project Office quickly.


We have a great track record in developing software that is used in over 35 countries around the world.


Designed to correct the hiss, crackle and pops in wave files recorded from old media such as records and tapes.


BizE is a highly customizable business management system - like an ERP system for small and home businesses.


Shredder is a document shredder that enables you to completely and safely removes files from your computer.  Shredder is Freeware (no license fee).

Web solutions

We offer several online services designed to address small and home business needs.

Web Hosting

Host your site with us, free web page design for new users.

Web Commerce

We can set you up to trade online and accept payments. We also help you get people to your site.

Web Surveys

We design and run web surveys online.

ActiveX Controls

We sell our ActiveX controls individually or as a value pack.  Each control comes with extensive documentation, VB (Visual Basic) demo projects and a FREE 7 day trial. 


Chameleon: Change fonts, colors and graphics to a standard theme.

Datalist: Handle database pick lists.

FileView, FolderView: Display filesand folders like Windows Explorer.

Scorecard: Show a balanced scorecard result as an icon.

Tutor: Show a tutorial screen within your application.